10 February, 2017

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Paying for Documentation

Each original document (document in English) must be authorised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK prior to departure.

The documents must also be translated and certified by this Embassy once they have been returned to you by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

By using the online payment facility below you will be able to pre-pay for the translation and certification of your documents. For a list of requirements for marriage in the Dominican Republic, click here.

How to pay online to legalise your documents for a wedding in the Dominican Republic

From the options below, please choose which original documents you need to be translated and certified. If your documents are already translated, please choose which translated documents you need a certification.

IMPORTANT: If you have used a commercial translator to translate your documents into Spanish, they will still need to be certified by us.

Once your payment has been authorised, please make a note of the confirmation ID number and print the payment status page, to send it together with your documents for processing.
Documents should be posted to the address below along with a pre-paid Recorded/Special delivery envelope. We strongly recommend you send your documents by Recorded/Special delivery as the Embassy cannot be held liable for any document lost in the post:

Embassy of the Dominican Republic

81 Cromwell Road
2nd floor
South Kensington
London, SW7 5BW

Please include the name, address and telephone number of the cardholder if this is different from the names found on the documents.

A handling fee of 3% is added to your total amount.

Document Certification & Translation