22 August, 2016


Trade between the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom is cemented by healthy, ongoing commercial relations between both nations. Economic and political stability paired with the right incentives for the industry makes the Dominican Republic a go-to source of goods and services for importing countries, including the UK.

Free Trade Agreement

The UK-CARIFORUM economic partnership agreement warrants a seamless two-way trade flow between the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic. This type of free trade agreement grants both countries competitive access to each other’s goods and services.

Increasing export supply out of the Dominican Republic and growing import demand in the United Kingdom suggest there is an opportunity to further grow and strengthen commercial relations.

Importing goods from the DR to the UK

The Dominican Republic’s geographical location places one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean region at only a few days of maritime travel from leading import markets.

Multiple government-issued tax incentives for industries in the Dominican Republic allow for the competitive production of quality goods and services. With advantages in agriculture, mining, and manufacturing, the Dominican Republic is an ideal source of goods and services. To take advantage of the opportunity, follow the links below for instructions on how to import goods into the United Kingdom.



Main Export Products

The Dominican Republic is the United Kingdom’s premier supplier of organic bananas. Fruits and vegetables are the leading export category from the Dominican Republic to the United Kingdom. Medicinal and pharmaceutical goods are second in value generated from Dominican exports to the UK. Other classifications of goods imported by our host country include works of art, textiles, and beverages. For item-specific data, statistics and additional information please refer to the links below.