10 February, 2017

Residence Visa

This is a temporary visa for 60 days, mandatory to enter the Dominican Republic and then submit your application for a permanent residency visa at the Migration Directorate of the Dominican Republic.


  1. Original passport
  2. 1 photo
  3. Certificate of good conduct (apostilled from the Foreign Office)
  4. Birth certificate (apostilled from the Foreign Office)
  5. A letter from the doctor / GP stating that you are in good health
  6. Most recent bank statements of the bank account of the person funding the journey, or monthly incomes for property rents or pension
  7. Application form
  8. Letter of Guarantee from a Dominican citizen or company, legalised by the Attorney General (Procuraduría)
  9. Letter of application, stating your reasons for seeking residency and personal circumstances.THE MAIN GROUNDS FOR SEEKING RESIDENCY, PREFERABLY IN SPANISH. The reasons should be:
  10. Married to a Dominican citizen (must provide marriage certificate)
  11. Own properties in the Dominican Republic (must provide Deeds and other docs.)
  12. Have a job with a Dominican company (must provide contract and certificate of Labour)
  13. Retirement (must provide pension statement and monthly incomes from pension)
  14. The visa fee: £450.00, non-refundable, payable at the time of application, either in cash, postal order or banker’s draft. We do not accept personal cheques.

If sent by post, please provide us with a stamped self-addressed envelope.

The process takes 6-7 working days. Please be aware that you must enter the Dominican Republic with this temporary visa and have your passport stamped at the Dominican airport. They will demand to see this at the Migration Office when applying for the permanent residency.

IMPORTANT: All your certificates (birth, marriage, good conduct) must be translated into Spanish and Apostilled at the Foreign Office of the UK, if you are British, or in your country of origin, in order to submit your application for permanent residency at the Dominican Migration Office.