22 August, 2016

The Ambassador


HUGO GUILIANI CURY started his career at the Development Corporation of his country as an economist. Later in the seventies at the State Holding Corporation, where he was the second in command as Technical Director and CEO of several of the public enterprises.  Then he went to the private sector where his activities were focused in the corporate and financial sector. He dedicated those years as president of the board of director of two banks that he founded.   During the decade of the nineteen eighties Guiliani was Minister of Treasury and later President of the Monetary Board and Governor of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.  At that time, acting as head of the Presidential Economic Cabinet, he renegotiated the external debt of the country and the agreement with the IMF. It was during this difficult economic and political period for the Dominican Republic that the stabilization plan designed by Guiliani Cury was executed. This program served as the base for the structural reforms that were later implemented, and which led the country to achieve the highest economic growth in the hemisphere. During those years he also represented his country in the board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2001 he was designated Minister of Industry and Trade of his country, where he was instrumental in the design of the Dominican National Competitiveness Plan. But also, in this period he was able to negotiate at the Ministerial Meeting of the WTO in Doha, the extension of the incentives granted   worldwide to the Export Free Zones Industries until 2009. He was designated as Ambassador of his country in Washington in 2002-04. There he obtained the approval of U.S.A to negotiate a free trade agreement with his country. Later he was sent to the Middle East as Ambassador in Qatar, Lebanon and Kuwait.

Ambassador Guiliani Cury during his long career has served as Economic Advisor to several Presidents of the Dominican Republic and has participated in diplomatic and economic missions at world level representing his country. He has been recognized as a strategist, negotiator and skillful administrator with a wide experience on economics, development and foreign policy issues. He has also dedicated time to assist non-profit organizations fighting poverty. Parallel to Ambassador Guiliani’s participation in the private and public sector, he was closely involved in the seventies with the academic community as Extraordinary Professor of Economics and Business at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. In addition, he was a columnist for the main Dominican newspapers and producer of a weekly television program. Ambassador Guiliani has published fifteen books on economics and foreign policies.

He comes from a well-known family in his country. His great grandparents arrived in the 1890 to the Dominican Republic from Lebanon and Corsica.

His primary and part of his middle education were undertaken in the Dominican Republic, while high school was completed at the Georgia Military Academy (GMA) currently Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia. Later he graduated from University of Miami with a degree in Business Administration and a major in economics. Thereafter he pursued studies in Economic Planning at the University of Santo Domingo and the Latin-American Institute of Social and Economic Planning (ILPES) and later a postgraduate Degree in Business Administration from the Research Institute of Administrative Sciences (RVB) in the Netherlands. Actually, Maastricht School of Management.  After finishing his postgraduate studies, he received specialized training in Europe and Latin America in areas related to his work in order to strength his formation.

In recognition of his career as distinguished economist and public servant he has received different recognitions, among them Honorary Doctorate Degree in Economics. Jaycees international named him Outstanding Young Professional of the Dominican Republic. In 1997 the Dominican College of Economists recognized him as one of the Country’s Outstanding Economists during the past 30 years. The Dominican government awarded Ambassador Guiliani the Order of Christopher Columbus and in 2003 Woodward Academy / GMA gave him the recognition of Distinguished Alumnus. IN 2019, Qatar granted him the decoration of Alwajbah.