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Non-Dominican minors or Dominican minors residing abroad DO NOT require special documents to travel to the Dominican Republic as long as they enter and leave the country with the same person(s).

If a child will be departing the country with a different person than he or she entered with, a legal document must be obtained as proof that this has been authorized by the parents or guardian. This document must take the form of a letter of consent from the parents or legal guardian signed in front of a Notary Public or Solicitor. The document must contain the names and passport numbers of the persons accompanying the child on both legs of the journey and the dates of outward and return travel.

The document must be legalised by both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the UK prior to departure. The document:

1) Must first be sent to the Legalisations Office at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Please contact them ( for further information about the procedure.
2) Must then be sent to the Consular Section of the Embassy. The fee for    legalisations at the Embassy is £145.

By post:
• The document will take seven working days to be processed.
• A Recorded/Special Delivery Envelope must be provided to return the   document. We regret we will not be able to return documents if a pre-paid   envelope is not provided. We strongly recommend you send your   document to both offices by Recorded/ Special delivery.
• All payment must be made by Postal Order or Bankerís Draft; payable to   the Embassy of the Dominican Republic. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL   CHEQUES.

Priority Service:
In cases of emergency, documents may be processed within 4 working days. They can be posted Special Delivery, if such an envelope is provided. There is a fee of £10 for this service.

Consular Section
Embassy of the Dominican Republic
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