22 August, 2016


The Dominican Republic has traditionally held significant commercial relations with the United States, with imports and exports accounting 45% of total Dominican foreign trade. Other important links are Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia, standing out for the supply of oil and fuels. The Haitian market is also a major destination for Dominican exports, due to its proximity and accessibility.

In recent years, the DR has significantly increased trade flows with China and the European Union. The EU is currently the island’s second largest trading partner, accounting for approximately 10% of the value of foreign trade (2.2 billion euros in 2012), while Haiti approx. 5% (1.1 billion euros). The values of total trade with China and Venezuela also hover around 5%.

Main Export Products:

In 2016, the majority of exported items were gold, tobacco and medical instruments. Other major exports were cocoa beans, knit T-Shirts, low-voltage protection equipment, bananas, fertilisers, beer and processed fruits and vegetables, flowers and tropical plants.

Source: Atlas Media – The Observatory of Economic Complexity

Main Import Products:

The most recent imports are led by Refined Petroleum which represents 9.4% of the total imports of the Dominican Republic, followed by Cars, which account for 4.25%.

Source: Atlas Media – The Observatory of Economic Complexity

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